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Salem, MA

Restaurant Bookkeeping

We tailor our outsourced restaurant bookkeeping services to the specific needs of each client. You choose which tasks you would like us to manage and which you handle internally.

Each client has different operational and reporting needs from their bookkeepers.  We work with you to determine what you actually want and need on a weekly and monthly basis to manage your business better. If you don't understand financial reporting, we walk you through it all to help you understand.
Bistro Bookkeeping
Accounts Payable

We handle all aspects of accounts payable so that our clients can focus on their restaurants.  Each week, our clients scan invoices and send to  Our team reviews and processes the invoice.  We send our clients a proposed payment list and after receiving their approval, we process the payments.  We provide a weekly cash position sheet to help our clients manage their cash flow.

We handle all vendor inquiries regarding invoices and payments, thereby freeing up our clients' time.  We reconcile vendor statements to ensure that no invoices have been skipped and that all credits have been properly applied.

QuickBooks for Restaurants - Bistro Acco
Bistro Financials
Financial Reporting

Timely and accurate financial reporting is extremely important to our clients so they can make key business decisions.  We provide weekly prime cost reporting in order to watch trends and allow our clients to make adjustments.

We use QuickBooks Online to maintain our clients' financial information which gives them access anywhere at any time.  We reconcile all balance sheet accounts which includes bank statements, cash deposits, credit card payments, as well as catering and delivery payments such as UberEats, GrubHub, Fooda, and Cater2Me.

We prepare a monthly financial reporting package which includes income statements with comparisons to prior periods and budgets, balance sheet, and accounts payable aging.

Bistro Score
Comparative Analysis

Because we have decades of restaurant bookkeeping experience and exclusively work with restaurants, we have a strong knowledge of the industry and current data.

Each month, we provide our clients with comments regarding their financial performance and, if they wish, have a meeting to review.

We prepare for our clients a summary report which allows them to see how their restaurant is financially performing compared to our entire client portfolio. 


Cambridge, MA

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