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Bistro Financials

Financial Reporting

Receiving accurate and timely financial reports allow you to make weekly, monthly, and long-term decisions about your restaurant.

Your Bistro Accounting team provides you with prime cost reporting, profit and loss statements, as well as balance sheet reconciliations.

Sweet Cheeks Q

Sweet Cheeks Q
Boston, MA

Restaurant bookkeeping - Bistro Accounting

Food, Beverage & Labor

Prime Cost Reporting

Throughout the month, we provide the food, beverage, and labor costs for your restaurant so that you can make adjustment as necessary. 

Some of our clients do weekly food and beverage inventories while others do them monthly.  As you provide the inventories, we post the changes in order to calculate the most accurate food and beverage cost of goods.

Restaurant bookkeeping - Bistro Accounting

Income & Expenses

Profit and Loss Statements

Your profit and loss statement is the primary guide for your restaurant's ability to generate a profit.  We post income data from your point-of-sales systems, as well as any catering and delivery apps you may use.  Expenses sync from accounts payable in, credit cards, and other sources.

Each month, we thoroughly review your profit and loss statement looking for anomalies and trends.  

QuickBooks for restaurants - Bistro Accounting

Assets & Liabilities

Balance Sheet Reconciliations

The balance sheet accounts are something that our clients are often too busy to be concerned with; however, reconciling these account is extremely important to ensure that assets and liabilities are correctly recorded.  The balance sheet includes bank accounts, cash deposits, credit card deposits, payments from catering and delivery apps, credit card accounts, gift certificates, event deposits, and loan payments.   


We are constantly reviewing and reconciling these accounts to ensure accuracy and to provide our clients' tax preparers with accurate numbers.

5 Corners Kitchen

5 Corners Kitchen
Marblehead, MA

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