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Field & Vine
Field & Vine
Somerville, MA


The 25 Best Restaurants in Boston Right Now

New York Times, April 24, 2024, Kevin Pang

Tucked down an alley, Field & Vine reveals itself as a restaurant in an industrial space slowly being reclaimed by nature. Wisteria and grapevines twist into a sculptural bramble that hangs overhead, as if about to swallow the exposed ductwork, and everywhere there is greenery and candlelight. If Sara Markey and Andrew Brady’s restaurant were simply pretty, that’d be enough reason to come sip some wine at the bar. But there are unexpected moments of inventiveness on the menu: a tuna crudo pounded into a 12-inch LP with candied pistachios and rhubarb vinaigrette, or potatoes deep-fried into a hash-brown brick topped with house-smoked mackerel and garlic spread. To further the enchanted woodland theme, a hearth is put to fine use, crisping duck legs and charring cabbage.

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