Accounts Payable

Dealing with invoices, payments, statements, and vendors can be very time consuming tasks for restaurant owners and managers.


Your Bistro Accounting team handles all aspects of accounts payable so that you can focus on running your restaurant.  You scan and send invoices to us and we handle the rest.

Invoice Approval & Scanning


As invoices arrive, you review and make adjustments as necessary for prices, breakage, or whatever reason. You scan and send the invoices to us via a dedicated email address or drop-and-drag from your computer directly to

Invoice Coding & Entry


Your Bistro Accounting team reviews and enters each invoice into using the appropriate coding to recognize expenses or changes to balance sheet.  

Vendor Payment List & Cash Position Report


Each week, you will receive a list of all outstanding invoices and a recommendation for the payments to be made.  We reconcile your cash balance to give you confidence that payments can be processed without issue.

Vendor Payments


 Upon your approval, we arrange for the vendor payments via  

Vendor Statement Reconciliations

Weekly and Monthly

We contact your vendors and receive statements to ensure that all short-payments and credits have been accounted for.  We also request copies of skipped invoices for your approval.

Vendor Inquiries


We handle all vendor inquiries in order to free up your time.  

Chefs cook. We do their books.
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