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Bistro Score

Comparative Analysis

Knowing your own changes in sales, prime costs, and operational costs is vital to making decisions about your restaurant.  But how are you doing compared to other restaurants?

Because Bistro Accounting works exclusively with restaurants to provide bookkeeping services, we have detailed current data and are able to provide real-time comparisons to how your restaurant is performing compared to our entire client portfolio.


Boston, MA

Restaurant accounting - Bistro Accounting

Prime Costs

Food, Beverage & Labor

Prime costs for restaurants vary depending upon type of service, sales mix, price points, labor laws, and other issues.  A restaurant owner needs know the right cost for their location and frequently monitor for any deviations.

Each month, you will be able to see the changes in your prime costs and see how they trend with our entire portfolio of restaurant clients.

Restaurant Bookkeeping - Bistro Accounting


Monthly Trends

Most restaurants experience revenue fluctuation throughout the year depending upon location, weather, and other factors.  

Being able to compare how your revenue changes each month in comparison to our other restaurant clients will provide you with interesting insight.

QuickBooks for Restaurants - Bistro Accounting


Direct Operating, G&A, Marketing, Utilities, R&M and Occupancy

Many restaurants owners are so focused one controlling prime costs, but then unsure as to whether their expenses are in line.  Credit card fees, advertising, and supplies can vary significantly.

Our comparative analysis for your restaurant will allow you to understand your costs in relation to our other restaurant clients.

3 Little Figs

3 Little Figs
Somerville, MA

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