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Frequently Asked Questions

Boston, MA

  • What are Bistro Accounting's fees?
    Our weekly fee varies depending upon your bookkeeping needs. After our initial discussion with you, we'll send a proposal detailing the tasks you'd like for us to handle and the weekly fee.
  • What is the onboarding process for Bistro Accounting?
    You'll start working with your account manager, account associate, and partner right away to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you're using Quickbooks Online, you'll add Bistro Accounting as an accounting firm and we'll review your balance sheet and income statements and provide our comments on the status of the accounts. You'll provide access to bank and credit card accounts so that we can review transactions and reconcile the accounts. If you're using Quickbooks Desktop, we'll set up an Quickbooks Online account for import your data from Desktop. We'll create a account for you and you'll start sending invoices and statements.
  • What size restaurants does Bistro Accounting support?
    We work with all types of restaurants from neighborhood coffee shops and large restaurants with event space. We enjoy working with all types of independent restaurants.
  • Where is Bistro Accounting located?
    Our staff is located in Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Illinois. Since we provide remote bookkeeping services, we can work from anywhere.
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