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Chefs cook.
We do their books.

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Work with Restaurant Industry Experts

"A friend recommended Bistro Accounting, and we've had nothing but a smashing success: they're diligent with a sense of humor, honest and caring about the individual client, and, very importantly, super up-to-date with the latest technology. In addition, Bistro Accounting knows restaurants inside and out.  They have a natural sense of what we are looking for in terms of being helpful in managing the business!"

Tim Wiechmann ~ Chef / Owner

Bronwyn and T&B Pizza


Somerville, MA

Our Services

Accounts Payable

  • Invoice Coding & Entry

  • Vendor Payments & Inquiries

  • Statement Reconciliations

Invoices pile up and can be frustrating to deal with after a long day of service.  Vendors call looking for payments and asking about skipped invoices.  What does cash flow permit to be paid this week?


We take all of this time and concern off of your plate so you can focus on running your restaurant. 


  • Prime Cost Reporting

  • Profit & Loss Statements

  • Balance Sheet Reconciliations

Receiving timely financial reporting is crucial so that restaurant owners, chefs, and managers can make decisions to improve prime costs, operational expenses, and the bottom line.

With our weekly and monthly reports, you have a full understanding of your restaurant's financial position.


  • Prime Costs

  • Revenue Change 

  • Operational Costs 

Because we provide bookkeeping for restaurant clients only, we are able to provide specific real-time financial insight into revenue, cost of goods, and expense trends.

You will see how your revenue, prime costs, and expenses compare against all of our other restaurants clients.

Our Clients

"Bistro Accounting has been essential to the growth of our business. The whole team cares about the success of our family-owned restaurant. Restaurant accounting is not just a job for them - it’s a passion. They are professional, reliable, and always available for help or guidance. Their spreadsheets and reports are easy to read and honestly, I sleep better at night knowing we have them on our team."

Pammy Willis ~ Owner


Our Locations

Bistro Accounting provides outsourced bookkeeping services to restaurants throughout the United States - from Hawaii to Florida.

We meet regularly with our clients via Google Meet and phone calls which enables us to work with restaurants anywhere.

About Us

We have decades of experience in restaurant bookkeeping and operations.  We are impressed by the food, cocktails, local beers, service, and atmosphere that independent restaurants provide and strive to help them succeed.

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